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NIH Licensing Opportunity: Novel Diagnostic Imaging Platform to Monitor the Progression and Treatment of Metastatic Cancers

This is a pre-recorded webinar presented by Dr. Stephan T. Stern, in partnership with One Million Solutions in Health.

“This webinar introduced a novel technology polymeric delivery platform that targets the lymphatic system through scavenger receptor A1 (SR-A1) mediated transcytosis. This receptor is highly expressed in macrophages, monocytes, mast cells, dendritic cells (myeloid lineages), and endothelial cells. The platform can deliver various diagnostic imaging compound cargo to the lymphatic system and myeloid/antigen presenting cell (APC) sub-populations that can be used to track the progression of various disease states or the progress of an associated treatment therapy. This lymphatic system targeting polymeric delivery platform is particularly well suited for diagnostic activities associated with monitoring the progression and treatment of metastatic cancers that use the lymphatic system to spread to other parts of the body.”

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