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PAR 20-116

Toward Translation of Nanotechnology Cancer Interventions (TTNCI, PAR 20-116)

The National Cancer Institute has issued a call for proposals under PAR 20-116. This funding opportunity is aimed at enabling the translation of nanotechnology-based cancer interventions. The awarded technologies are expected to progress in development such that, following the award period, they can continue with other NCI translational programs such as the NCI Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) program.

The next available application deadlines for the TTNCI announcement are May 20, 2021 and November 18, 2021. You can read more about eligibility and how to apply here:

NCL Characterization of Awarded Proposals

Projects selected by the NCI for funding under PAR 20-116 are automatically accepted for characterization in the NCL Assay Cascade. All awardees are expected to provide their nanoformulation for characterization at the NCL. A minimum set of characterization will be conducted for every submission, including assessment of sterility and endotoxin levels, nanoparticle size, zeta potential, and drug loading. Additional experiments may also be conducted and will be decided on a case-by-case basis with input from awardees and NCI.

All studies performed at the NCL will be provided at no-cost to the awardee and will not be deducted from awarded funds. Likewise, no funds need to be allocated for NCL testing in the grant proposal’s budget.

After receiving your PAR funding, the NCL will reach out to you to request additional information and arrange to discuss the timeline for submission of your nanoparticle formulation. Awardees are encouraged to submit their formulation for testing early in the award cycle. Data generated will be shared with both you and NCI. Similar to proposals accepted through NCL's Assay Cascade application process, awardees will be free to use NCL-generated data for publi­cations, other grant proposals, securing venture capital for spin-off companies, regulatory filings, etc.    


Awardees will be asked to submit the following forms to the NCL prior to submission of materials:

  • Materials Transfer Agreement. Prior to shipment of materials, awardees will be required to execute a Materials Transfer Agreement with the NCI. 
  • PAR 20-116 Project Summary. This one-time form is required to be submitted in advance of sample submission and will be used to assess your characterization needs.
  • Pre-Sample Submission Form. This one-time form will be used to assess sample requirements, stability, aliquot sizes, etc.
  • Sample Submission Form.This form will be required for every batch of material submitted to the NCL.

Sample requirements will be discussed with awardees prior to submission.